Freebird Media Products

Taking Your Business Online - FREE Ebook

This free ebook was created with the Business Owner/Manager in mind. It covers topics related to the initial decision of taking a business online, and creating your first online business identity.

If you are looking to building an online presence, and are having troubles finding the correct way to do things, the right people to hire, and the technical aspects that you need to understand, I recommend that you get this book and give it a read.

It is written with the novice in mind, and will give you a clear direction in which you can then proceed to make the decisions that are needed to get your project under way.
Freebird Multi-site Pinger FREE

Freebird Multi-Site Pinging Tool - FREE

The Freebird Multi-site Pinging Tool, is a .NET application that will allow you to submit your sites or feeds to the major pinging services.  If you're not using Wordpress, and need a pinging solution that runs from your desktop, this is the ideal tool to use.

It features the ability to add additional pinging urls, and services also, so you don't have to rely on the list that the tool comes with, you can add many more of your own, and get those Search Engine Bots visiting your site straight away!

Project Control Panel - FREE

Freebird PCP is a basic and rudimentory storage application. In a nutshell, it was quickly thrown together to provide the ability for webmasters to keep control of all of their domains, and the associated data that is quite often needed at the click of a button.

We plan on expanding this tool, and adding some major functionality to it in the future, like project specific data, and sub-projects, and other relational information settings. For now though, we have released it as a free tool, until we get enough momentum and a polished product in order to release the advanced version at a later date.
Instant Indexer

Instant Indexer - Coming Soon...

The Freebird Instant Indexer is a tool that we are currently working on, that will get your sites indexed in major search engines very quickly.

Without giving away too many details, the tool basically queries various web services, and creates a link back to your website from each. It then queries another set of services in order to let them know that the first batch exist.

Anybody who is looking to get their website crawled thoroughly and could use a bump in rankings (which is pretty much everybody) will appreciate what this tool will be able to do.

Not the "be all to end all" of tools, however it will be a very useful one to have in your toolkit.