Website Management

A Website Management System is a cloud computing platform designed to allow organisations,
businesses, and individuals the ability to manage their on-line presence directly through any web browser.

A Website Management System enabled website is viewable from any HTML software package.
Website Management Systems allow a site manager to change anything on their page in real-time.

~ Wikipedia


Your content is your content. You SHOULD be able to change it whenever you want without having to bare the costs of hiring a web developer to do it for you.

We have built this Management system so that it is modular, meaning that we can add extra custom modules very easily to it anytime we need something new.

We are also constantly reviewing and making enhancements to our existing functionality.

Where other CMS packages confuse new users, the Freebird CMS is both simple to use, and completing tasks is very straight forward.


Do you want to be able to change the text on one of your pages? You can do this.

Would you like to alter that image, and put a new one on the page in it's place? You can do this too.

In fact you can alter almost every change that you might ever need to do from the Freebird CMS.

As well as advanced modules that are designed to enhance your website and give your users additional functionality, you can do all of this with the Freebird Content Management System.

It really does make administering a website very easy, whilst giving you powerful tools.


It's simple.

You just login to your website and start editing.

This system was developed by our lead programmer, over the span of about 12 months. It is in active development, so, we are constantly making improvements and additions to it.

When you use the Freebird CMS, you are not only getting a strong, easy to use interface for your site, you are also getting free upgrades and updates for the life of your business with us.

Any new features added are pushed live to your site automatically so you can use them asap.