Have you made an update to your site?

Do you need to let the Search Engines know?

Now it's easy!

Not only can you let the Search Services know you've altered content on your site, but you can let them know about multiple websites ALL AT ONCE!

Gone are the days where you have to wait weeks for Google, and Yahoo to update their listings when you change your site, that was years ago. Now you can let them know instantly, so they send their bots out immediately.

It's too simple, even for the technically challenged...


This tool, lets the search engines know you've updated your content, only when you want them to know.

Simply run it on your pc, and they'll come running for your new content.


- This tool has only been tested on Windows XP Home and Professional.
- This tool requires Version 3.5 .NET framework to run.
You can download it and install it free from Microsoft here.