Guitar TapApp Pro v.1.2.1 Bugs Squashed
I've managed to fix a particularly annoying bug in Tabapp Pro today.

What made it quite confusing was that where users were reporting that it would simply force close when searching for guitar tabs, it seems it was something completely different.

When searching for a song, tabapp launches a dialog box with an animation to let you know that it is searching.
If nothing is found, that dialog box closes and another one opens letting you know that there were "no results".

The problem with this, is that if you navigate away from that search screen, whether your internet is slow and you do not allow it to finish, the process is still running in the background and eventually will still attempt to launch the dialog box, when the screen is no longer in the forefront.

Hence the force closing.

Ive now put a check in so that the dialog box does not show unless you are still on the search screen.

Problem fixed.!

Go on over and get the update!

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