I've fixed the force close issue that most users were seeing upon trying to view a searched tab.
The problem was with a connection to the guitar tabs database.

I've now released an update for it and republished the app. So you should see this come through the andoid market shortly.

Here is the direct link if you cannot see the app in the android market yet.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I really have been making some dumb mistakes the last few days.
Im suffering from a strange flu, so I think I will blame that on my scatterbrain and tendency to make the smallest problem a 3 hour ordeal.

Anyway, whilst sorting out my Virtualbox VM (Ubuntu Server) another of my php scripts broke. At the time, of course I presumed that it couldnt possibly have been anything I'd done, so proceeded to spend the next few hours scouring the web for others with similar problems.

Turns out in my inpatience, my first assumption was correct, which was that I had no ftp module installed on the machine.

A simple apt-get install proftpd would fix it right?
Yep, should have, but the download failed and three coffees later  I remembered that earlier, I had been playing with my hostnames and my vm wasnt getting an internet connection.


Fixed the hostname problem, then installed proftp which of course opened up port 21 and all is good with the world again.
Well I have been trying to get my Virtual server running on Virtualbox and hit across the problem of "sockets not connecting" whenever trying to run an email method.

My custom CMS uses gmail to route mail through, so I really should have seen the problem straight away, but for those that also use a gmail setup to send email from their scripts, "Could not connect to socket" actually means.

"You dont have OpenSSL installed dummy!"

So I installed OpenSSL and its all running nicely.

Google have now released 150 invites to all who already have access, so I am putting my 150 invites up here for people to grab.

Go get em!

I've managed to fix a particularly annoying bug in Tabapp Pro today.

What made it quite confusing was that where users were reporting that it would simply force close when searching for guitar tabs, it seems it was something completely different.

When searching for a song, tabapp launches a dialog box with an animation to let you know that it is searching.
If nothing is found, that dialog box closes and another one opens letting you know that there were "no results".

The problem with this, is that if you navigate away from that search screen, whether your internet is slow and you do not allow it to finish, the process is still running in the background and eventually will still attempt to launch the dialog box, when the screen is no longer in the forefront.

Hence the force closing.

Ive now put a check in so that the dialog box does not show unless you are still on the search screen.

Problem fixed.!

Go on over and get the update!



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